Continuous improvementfrom the bottom-up

Find the improvement ideas your workforce support, then form self-organised teams to implement them.

Empowering people to self-organise

Your frontline employees hold countless insights about your organisation. Where work is being replicated, time is wasted or opportunities are lost. TealBox gives them the permission, validation and support to take action in the areas that matter.

Set boundaries

Select a common goal to engage people in. Then set constraints on what action can be taken.


Find ideas & knowledge that would otherwise be stuck in people's heads.


Collectively define which proposals to execute. Involvement in the decision breeds commitment in the execution.


Self-organise into teams then track progress all the way to an outcome.

Build a culture of continuous bottom-up improvement

With employees who just do it, you will:

Find new ways to reduce costs

Find new ways to boost productivity

Have happier employees

TealBox was co-created withFuturice, twice voted the best place to work in Europe.

" It helped us become more self-organised. Hardly any top-down coordination, but many cool things happening all the time "

Tuomo Hakaoja, People and Culture Director

" It gives people a safe space to tell me what sucks and then act upon it themselves. Ultimately, it's about pushing toward the shared goals together through the crowd-sourced initiatives. "

Nelli Myllylä, Senior Culture Advisor

" It can help more of our internal initiatives reach outcomes that actually change behaviours. Enabling people to allocate themselves into teams can also expand the social networks in our organisation "

Tuomas Syrjänen, Founder

Campaign topics to try:

How can weimprove our product developmentprocess?

What actions can we take toprogress our objectives?

How can weimprove our meetings?

How can weimprove our sales?

How can wetransition to remote worksuccessfully?

Why TealBox

Lightweight & gamified

TealBox is easy to use alongside other tools without any onboarding or tutorials required. The process is gamified and fun, so people engage.

The result:High engagement71% of those who register actively participate.

It's all about self-organisation

Zombie initiatives result from decision processes where people don't feel properly included. Our process makes it safe for you to ask your employees: what do YOU think we should do about it?

The result:ideas that stickHigher accountability and less need for top-down coordination.

Design a plan that fits your needs.


Start off with a personal introduction to the tool. We'll discuss your needs and the value the tool can provide, then agree a price that fits.

Up to unlimited campaigns

Up to unlimited users


Consultation on designing your campaigns

Or contact Jack at +44 7933381439 / jack.richtealbox.io
Or contact Jack at +44 7933381439 /jack.richtealbox.io


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